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Yoga Cards for Children

Welcome to the second, expanded edition of our playful and inspiring Yoga Cards for Children - a deck of 37 yoga cards to get little yogis moving and laughing. Each card depicts an original illustration of a yoga pose and the animal or shape that inspired it. Each pose is accompanied by a short poem to inform, engage and lift the young spirit.

Why this deck of yoga cards?

In this exploration of yoga for children, we have focused on the playful, experiential aspects of learning yoga. With minimal instruction, fun poems, and beautiful images we are inviting little ones not to get theoretical but instead to feel their bodies taking the shape of animals and objects from the natural world.

At this stage we are not concerned with precision in alignment or perfection in execution. From our over 20 years experience of working with children, we have gained tremendous respect for their innate intelligence in relating to their bodies- both in moving and in tuning into sensations.


Book Only

Morning, Zora! or How to Wake Up a Sleepy Child   offers a fun and gentle way to skip the power struggles in the morning and awaken your child with play. It tells the story of the very first moments of the day shared by mother and child. Instead of nagging and cajoling, the mother plays a sweet game with her sleepy daughter. Her fingers become two curious children sauntering out of the child’s hair and setting off on an adventure filled with sweetness, excitement, and even a dose of danger. By the end of the book Zora is wide-awake and giggly.

Too often, parents and children under pressure are forced to rush through their days without being able to connect or savor their moments together. The role of the parent is reduced to that of a conductor, hustling a young one from one activity to the next. This book offers a simple game that takes just five minutes to play but which can set the tone for the rest of the day. It sends families out into the world knowing that they share a bond based on love and tenderness. We hope that parents will take this idea and use their imaginations to make it their own, possibly with the help of our handmade finger puppets!



Book and Finger Puppets

Morning, Zora! or How to Wake Up a Sleepy Child   offers a fun and gentle way to skip the power struggles in the morning and awaken your child with play.

About Us

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Krassi Harwell has been teaching yoga to children since 2003. She received her teacher training at Prashanti Kutiram in Bangalore, India. As part of her training she got to teach the young students in a remote Himalayan village. Krassi started practicing yoga as a child herself and has experienced first-hand the many benefits that a yoga practice brings to a child’s life. Her own two children enjoy having fun with yoga poses and were valued consultants on this project.




Mila Popnedeleva-Genova  is an illustrator and author of many books for children. The mother of an eleven-year old boy, Mila is thrilled to co-create a project that offers so many benefits to little ones. She hopes that her playful illustrations will entice children to try moving their bodies in new ways and will offer them some fun activities away from computers and smartphones.