The Life of a Yoga Mom

Making Mindfulness Accessible to Busy Moms

What happened to your regular yoga practice...?!?

Self care?

Never mind your inner peace?

Well, you became a mom – that’s what happened! Believe it or not there is a way to have it all, and this is what I am passionate about sharing.

This is for you if...

* You find yourself being reactive no matter how many techniques you’ve tried.

* Mindfulness is important to you, but feels nearly impossible now that the kids have arrived.

* You can’t find time to get a shower, let alone go to yoga class.

* Finding time for self care feels stressful, or maybe even impossible.

* You miss your regular yoga practice and the spaciousness to meditate and practice other mindfulness activities.

* You’re disappointed in your ability to keep calm and centered while parenting.

* You feel guilty for leaving your kids when you take some “me time”.

* You thought that you’d model mindfulness for your children, but your regularly feel tense and overwhelmed when you’re with them.

for Krassi, child's pose
2, Mom doing yoga w_daughter
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Here’s the big benefit to this:

The more present we are, the more able we are to stay calm, non-reactive and kind with the ones we love most!

When children feel seen and respected, they are more willing and able to cooperate with us - parenting becomes not only easier, but more joyous too.

Now that’s a cycle that works!

Life is moving so fast...

Endless tasks to perform.
Things to learn
Expectations to live up to.

In all this activity where is the joy and the gratitude for the small and big blessings in our lives...?

Often it is buried in overwhelm, guilt and and the nagging sense of not being enough.

Bringing in just a few minutes of mindfulness into your day can clear that mental clutter and let a sense of wellbeing flow in.

That’s what we are all about here!!! You can get started today!