Be Together Child & Parent Yoga

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Before kids you were able to use yoga and mindfulness to manage the stress in your life and find inner peace even in all the busyness.

But what about now that the kids have arrived?

It seems unfair that when we need our yoga practice and mindfulness the most as busy moms, it actually becomes just another stressful thing to try and accomplish.

Picture this scenario: You have finally found a Mommy and Me yoga class and are excited to share your love of yoga with your child. The day of your first class you remember that adding another thing to get dressed for and be on time for is actually adding stress to your day. When you finally get to the class your child is excited to be with other kids and is not following the teacher’s directions. You find yourself embarrassed and frustrated. Not much yoga is being done. You leave the studio feeling defeated and wondering if your child has been turned off of yoga forever. Your anxiety level is higher than before the class and you feel less connected to your little one.

This is why I’ve created Be Together Yoga!

Here’s what Be Together Yoga can do for you:

  • The stress of going somewhere/ Eliminate the stress of getting out the door and enjoy the calm and ease of doing yoga from home.
  • That doing yoga and self care takes too much time
  • Feeling guilty for leaving your family or guilty for not doing your practice at all
  • Thinking that you can only practice mindfulness when you’re away from your family
  • The feeling that you have to perform in front of other “yoga moms”.
  • Resolve the feeling that you are the only one who is struggling with mindful parenting
  • The desire to feel apart of a group of likeminded adults
  • Integrate simple ways to find inner peace and calm with your children throughout the day.
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In this program you will receive

  • One 20-minute parent and child yoga class - weekly
  • Inspiration and guidance in creating a yoga and mindfulness based home, 20 minute class per/week
  • Mindfulness as a way of life in just 3 minutes of your day, One 3-minute mindfulness practices for parents - weekly
  • Feel connected, less alone and isolated – you’re not the only on estruggling with mindful parenting Membership in a closed Facebook group to stay connected to other like-minded parents and Krassi

Get on the waitlist and we’ll let you know when we are open for enrollment.