Krassi Navasana Vinyasa is the style of yoga that emphasizes the breath. Here the breath is the guide and the rhythm setter. Each movement is coordinated with it. And the asanas (yoga postures) flow from one to the next in an organic easeful way.  The whole class is pretty much a constant flow that celebrates the breath. In a vinyasa class, the transitions from one asana to the next are as important as the asanas themselves, which facilitates unbroken concentration and presence. There aren’t many pauses throughout the session, but students are encouraged to rest whenever they need to, as they tune in and follow their own intuitive adjustments. Krassi’s class is designed to welcome practitioners of every level as she encourages her students to take responsibility for their practice. She creates an atmosphere where everyone is welcome to work within their own comfort zone.

Krassi tends to create her classes on “the spot”, thus allowing spontaneous sequences to emerge, ones that are appropriate for the specific group present. She draws on her experience as a practitioner and teacher, as well as on the energy of the group. Although her classes follow a similar general format, many of the sequences are completely original and unique – often emerging as the class unfolds.

Krassi’s teaching is aimed at challenging our perceived limitations, allowing us to grow beyond them and to gain understanding of our own power and ability to evolve. 

Krassi creates a non-competitive atmosphere where the emphasis is on the internal experience rather than achievement and performance.  She aims to create a space where each student can take a break from being judged based on their performance, where they can enjoy their bodies even if they’re not “getting the pose right.”

Yoga means “union” – union of the body, mind and soul: union of the individual with the larger cosmic presence. But it also means integration, through our yoga practice we have a chance to look honestly and boldly at ourselves and to acknowledge and honor whatever we find. Most of us spend a lifetime running away from our “dark side.” If we fail to integrate those hidden ignored sides of our being we’ll never be able to transform them and to grow. We are not perfect, and that’s OK.

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