About Krassi

Krassi Harwell (formerly Krassi Davis) is a certified yoga instructor, a Thai massage therapist and a DONA certified doula. She has been teaching yoga full time in the Palo Alto / Bay Area since 2001 and has been supporting birthing women since 2005. Krassi holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Golden Gate University, San Francisco.

Krassi has been involved in dance and theater since childhood. It was also in her childhood that she was first exposed to yoga by her uncle, a very enthusiastic yogi. Although at the time the ancient tradition and practice seemed like nothing more than an unusual way to play, the seed was planted. In 1996 Krassi left her native Bulgaria and moved to the Bay Area where she rediscovered yoga and has been an avid student of the art ever since. After five years of exploration and practice, Krassi made the commitment to make yoga her life. She took a year-long trip to India and Thailand in 2001, where she experienced many different approaches and teachers. She received her yoga teacher-training certification from Vivekanada Prashanti Kutiram Yoga Institute in Bangalore, India and a Thai Massage Practitioner and Teacher Certificate from the International Training Massage school in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Krassiís training was focused on integrating the spiritual, emotional and mental aspects of yoga within a physical practice. She is passionate about sharing her understanding and experience of yoga with beginners of all ages, as well as with experienced practitioners.

In 2005, encouraged by her many pregnant students Krassi completed her doula training through the Sierra Childbirth Institute. She has been supporting expecting parents throughout the Palo Alto/Bay Area since then. Krassi draws on her understanding and respect for the human body and breath, as well as on her training in Healing Touch energy work, to provide ease and comfort for the birthing mother and her partner through the miraculous process of childbirth.

Individual and group private sessions can be arranged by
 contacting Krassi at (650) 283-7878, or krassuna@hotmail.com


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